Why should I subscribe to Booksmondo?

We list fresh new deals every day.  As a subscriber you’ll receive an email as soon as each day’s post goes live, so you’ll never miss out on a great deal again.  And your details are safe with us – we’ll never pass them on to a third party, and we’ll never spam you.

Is this service free?

Our subscriber service is totally free with no strings attached.  Feel free to grab as many or as few bargains and freebies as you like, and if you get overwhelmed by all the great books stacking up in your ‘to read’ pile it’s easy to unsubscribe – there’s a link for that in every email we send you.

Why are these books free?

There has been an explosion in independent publishing over the last few years.  It’s easier than ever for independent publishers and authors to create new books and distribute them digitally.  Although entry into publishing is now simple and accessible, publicity remains the key for authors and books to gain a reputation.  Amazon allows independent publishers a handful of free or price-discounted days every few months.  Sites like booksmondo.com can share these offers with their users, meaning that independent authors get their books in the hands of new readers, and readers like you get great new content at no cost at all!

Is this all a bit shady?

No!  The new crop of independent authors are desperate for you to read their books and become fans.  There’s no risk to you in picking up a free book, and maybe you’ll become such a fan of some authors that you’ll tell your friends about them and buy their new releases in future.  Everybody wins!

I’d love to read all these books, but I don’t have a Kindle

Amazon provide a Kindle app for all the major platforms.  If you have a PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet, head to your appstore and download the Kindle app.

I’m an author – how do I get my book listed?

Head over to our submissions page and fill in the form, giving details of your book and the date you would like the promotion to run.  Provided your book meets our submission guidelines (we only want to showcase the best possible books for our subscribers) and the date is available, we’ll get back to you within seven days to confirm the listing.

What if my book doesn’t meet the criteria?

Our submission guidelines advise on what readers are looking for – professionally presented books with great content.  If your book isn’t quite up to snuff take some time to rework it and submit again when you’re confident that you’ve made it as good as it can be.

My book isn’t free; can I still submit it?

Free books are by far the most appealing option for a reader who may never have heard of you or your book.  It’s worth risking a little time and effort on an unknown, because at the zero price point readers don’t have much to lose.  On a good day they may even discover a new favourite writer.  As soon as there is a financial commitment involved the risk in taking a punt on the unknown skyrockets.  We’re happy to list heavily discounted books, but we’d strongly advise you to discount all the way down to nothing.

What is the criteria for a book to be listed?

Take a look at our Submission Guidance page.  Fundamentally, we’re looking for good books.  Now, whether a book is good or not is highly subjective, but if a book is filled with glaring typos, clearly hasn’t been carefully edited, has an unprofessional looking cover and a poorly written blurb then it’s very likely that the content is weak too.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we can all agree on what constitutes a slung-together, badly presented piece of work.  If the producer can’t give their book the time and care it deserves, why should the rest of us?

I love Booksmondo sooooo much!  What should I do?

Falling in love with Booksmondo is totally understandable.  Do not be alarmed.  Keep hydrated, and if the feelings get overwhelming seek the advice of medical professionals.  Distract yourself by telling everyone you know how great Booksmondo is, but don’t mention the possibility of extreme euphoria until after they’ve subscribed.


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